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3 things that can help you fight unfounded accusations of domestic violence

By pwsadmin | June 28, 2023

Due to a range of circumstances, relationships can sometimes turn ugly very fast. When this happens, one party in the relationship may want to stretch the truth to try to gain leverage in divorce court or child custody proceedings. Such…

3 ways parents can plan to make divorce easier on the kids

By pwsadmin | June 28, 2023

Parental divorce is a known trauma for children. Sociologists and psychologists alike recognize the negative impact parental divorce can have on everything from academic performance and social relationships to self-esteem. Although some negative consequences stemming from a divorce are unavoidable,…

Your custody order can change with the demands of your job

By pwsadmin | June 28, 2023

Working a demanding career often means that you have to make personal sacrifices. Your family may have had to make sacrifices to support you over the years as well. Whether you work the third shift as a police officer or…

Why you need to know what different assets are worth in a divorce

By pwsadmin | June 28, 2023

Splitting up your marital property will likely be one of the most contentious parts of your upcoming divorce. You and your ex may have emotional attachments to the same property or may have very different opinions about what would be…

The distinction between child custody and guardianship

By pwsadmin | June 28, 2023

Under Illinois law, anyone under the age of 18 years old is considered a minor. As a result, an adult is required to manage the affairs of the child. Examples of this include deciding where the child lives, attends school,…