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Don’t Navigate The Divorce Process On Your Own

Even an amicable divorce is difficult on many levels. When a divorce is contested and acrimonious, it can be especially draining, as well as expensive to get through. First Response Family Law, takes a practical, compassionate approach to help clients through the process. We bring together a team of experienced divorce attorneys in Chicago.

We speak and understand the language of ordinary people, including front-line workers of all varieties who face divorce and other family law matters. TJ Battistelli is a veteran, a former police officer, and a firefighter. He himself has been divorced. He has weathered challenging child custody disputes in his own family, as well as representing many clients of the law firm in similar cases. He is ready to stand fast in support of the best interests of men and women facing divorce.

Rely On An Experienced Advocate Through The Nuts And Bolts Of Your Marital Dissolution

TJ’s extensive practical life experience and experience in his law practice have led him to adopt client-centered policies for the law firm, such as the following.

  • He handles many cases on a flat-fee basis to remove the fear many people have of escalating legal fees. Once he and you agree on a plan, you can focus on your family instead of worrying about going bankrupt.
  • He operates this solutions-oriented law firm with a policy of clear communication, offering clients the insight they need to face their realities courageously and purposefully.
  • He is a strong personal advocate of people going through all stages of divorce, including:
    • Property division
    • Determination of spousal support (alimony) during and/or after the divorce
    • Child custody and support
    • Domestic assault representation for accusers and the accused
    • Restraining orders
    • Settlement negotiations
    • Mediation
    • Trial, if necessary

If First Response Family Law is the law firm on your side for your divorce, you can expect to feel relief and encouragement as you progress toward the resolution of your family law issues. While divorce is a difficult transition for most people, it may bring opportunities to move forward with a fresh view. Helping you protect your own peace of mind, as well as your assets and parental rights is what this law practice is all about.

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