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First Response Family Law - Front-Line Worker Support

Front-line workers such as police officers, healthcare professionals, firefighters, postal workers, and even grocery store clerks play unique and vital roles in our communities. Many also experience extraordinary challenges when going through family law challenges such as divorce and child custody disputes. These may be special difficulties because of:

  • A stressful work life that often affects one’s family life
  • Variable schedules that make child custody cases difficult to negotiate
  • Less-than-ample pay for some of these occupations
  • Occupational risks

I am attorney TJ Battistelli, and I understand these realities all too well, as I am a veteran, a former policeman, and a former fireman. Here at First Response Family Law, we extend our divorce and family law-related assistance to all front-line workers. I understand that if you are experiencing a disruption in your family life, you cannot easily let go of your work responsibilities to try to resolve interpersonal conflicts at home. You may have trouble providing your children with the reassurance and attention that they need more than ever. Meanwhile, you must try with all your might not to let your work performance slide.

A Stressful Job With Variable Schedules May Complicate Family Life – And Family Law Matters

Divorce is a reality for many Americans, but trends suggest that percentages may be higher for people in some occupations, like law enforcement agents, than for people in less stressful professions. No matter how a divorce comes about, once it is underway, it can take on a life of its own and consume large amounts of a person’s energy and mental activity. Accusations of domestic violence are all too common during this time of disentanglement. Practical realities also take time to cope with, like having to move suddenly or getting children into counseling if necessary.

In a nutshell, I get where you are coming from. I consider my legal knowledge and skills to be tools that I can put to use to help my clients, but I also offer genuine understanding. I am here to walk with you through the steps that will lead to a conclusion of your family law challenges. I operate my law practice in ways that may make your burdens lighter during this time, including:

  • Setting flat-fee payment schedules for most situations
  • Answering phone calls promptly, including outside of office hours if necessary
  • Explaining legal processes in plain English as a divorce or child custody matter progresses through the family court
  • Advocating determinedly for your rights and interests, as well as your children’s well-being

Essential Workers Facing Divorce Or a Child Custody Dispute: Please Call

First Response Family Law, will warmly welcome you. We are here to help right away and as long as you need us. To schedule an initial consultation with no further obligation, call (312) 715-8853 or send an email through this website.

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